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 We film, Edit with titling, royalty-free music and upload.Screen Shot 2015-07-03 at 1.10.18 PM


Videomagic produces a variety of videos for SPEAKERS to use on social media, websites, presentations.

Use them to promote ones business. Show that you are an expert at your business. Doing it through video can give you an edge and make you stand out. Audiences relate to you and feel your message is more credible if it contains personal visual stories about your business. It can connect with them at an emotional level. People will remember you.

VideoMagic will create you’re a video of your  presentation to promote yourself.


Financial Service Video:

Brock Jolly, A Financial Advisor of the College Funding Coach.

Brock’s video shows a glimpse of his unique process of his strategies on how to pay for college. He is able to ease your mind and show you some of the steps that would be taken if you hire him.


Professional Services Videos:

If you provide a service, video is a powerful way to showcase your talents and give the viewing audience a sense of the caliber of your employees.  A video production highlights all the key information that your target audience needs to know and most importantly has a chance to be noticed.  Videomagic can be a powerful tool for selling any product, service, or idea.

Corporate Promotions Videos. Some of the videos we have done for the Professional services are videos for Lawyers, Politicians & Financial service.

We are able to provide high-definition corporate videos with excellent production values and innovative visual solutions. We sometimes use a green screen to create an enticing background.



HouseLHYou always need to be one step better than your competitor in order to dominate.
Help yourself sell a house while promoting yourself through video.
Show videos of houses for sale. People are increasingly expecting to get an idea by video of a house before visiting it.

Talk about Market trends. Let people get to know you through video to gain confidence in you.
Do an email marketing video to potential clients.

We do videos for MRIS sites, Zillow, Realtors.com.
Video is one particularly influential way to increase brand visibility and tap into new markets.


Realtors videos attest to their vast knowledge and experience in working for you. Their exciting tours of homes help in making a decision to trust that realtor to help make one of the biggest decisions for their clients future.



VideoMagic creates videos that will get watched.

They entice people, teach about your establishment and help your SEO.

Let people get to know and trust you and in turn make them into a customer.

Highlight the best aspects of your business to be remembered.

Hair Salon video: Their video conveys a stylish and contemporary shop

that has a creative edge that is exciting and fun.

The video is used on their website and directs potential patrons on Facebook and other social media to the Salon.


Check out Vivatysons Magazine Health and Beauty website to see more of my videos: http://lenouveaumoi.com/



A video can take your restaurant business from being relatively unknown to a player in your market. It doesn’t have to be terribly involved as long as it gets and holds the attention of the audience. Entice your potential customers to come in and try your dishes.

Meet the chef, the owner, show behind the scenes, show the food being prepared, give your customers a glimpse of how wonderful your establishment is.

Hear from customers how wonderful your restaurant is, use this for a Facebook campaign, or use it on your website.

Your customers get an inside view to what makes your Restaurant special.


Hair Salon Video Ad


Salon Daniel

Watch customers come to your shop when they see a really sharp presentation of all that you do.

Here is a way to introduce your staff and show all the unique services his salon offers.

Salon Daniel video brought in loyal customers to get their hair, makeup, massage, tanning, skin care and nails done. They are all showcased after each event as models.