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Frequently asked questions.

Why choose VideoMagic?

We propose many different packages to fit every

small businesses budget and imaginative demands.

• Affordable and Unbeatable Prices and

• Highly Creative Individuals

• Ability to think out of the Box and

• Fast Turn Around Time

What is the Process?


What is the process in creating your video?

We meet to discuss what you want, and develop an outline of the project.

We will discuss:

Creative ideas, Script writing, Actors, Locations

The Production schedule is then coordinated.

Casting is discussed whether it be the owner speaking about the business or whoever is

needed for the video. Estimate is agreed on.


VideoMagic comes with appropriate equipment to your business or location

that has been agreed upon. Video estimated time is 2 hours. We film in high definition.

Typical shots to shoot are: Building Exterior, Customers Building sign, Owner, Employees working

Owner interaction with customers or employees, Product/Showroom, Testimonials

Post Production:

This is where we do our magic. We capture and transfer, edit, color correct, and add motion

graphics if needed.  We coordinate appropriate original music or royalty free music.

When the project is completed, we upload it and supply a link.

Optional SEO package can be added.

I need ideas for a video to promote my business?

1. Do a video demonstrating a product or service.

Show the customers how it works.

2. Introduce Staff

3. A video tour of the business location

4. Customer testimonials or Appreciation

5. Tutorial Videos

6. Special Events and Media Coverage

7. Behind the scenes Videos

By using video your message stands a better chance of making an impact.

Does length matter? It does for video!
The shorter the videos, The better. The videos that get straight to the point and hold attention are better than a drawn-out message. You can see measured improvements when tightening up marketing videos. Longer videos can be less engaging than shorter videos.