Hair Salon Video Ad


Salon Daniel

Watch customers come to your shop when they see a really sharp presentation of all that you do.

Here is a way to introduce your staff and show all the unique services his salon offers.

Salon Daniel video brought in loyal customers to get their hair, makeup, massage, tanning, skin care and nails done. They are all showcased after each event as models.

Behind the Scenes Swimsuit issue



Behind the Scenes of Tagg Magazine:


Videos are compelling.  Just see the results it will have on your business.

What’s better than looking at photos women in bikinis, not much. But actually seeing them live would help. Helping Print come to life can enhance the printed story

Stunning scene and beautiful bodies entice the viewers to watch this video.


Sea Pearl Restaurant

  • Entice the audience with beautiful visuals
  • show mouth watering food
  • get a 10 star testimonial

Video for Restaurants can make people curious about coming to your establishment.

Today having a video on your website will enhance your image and bring on patrons.  No restaurant should miss out on this easy way to entice people to your establishment.


Long & Foster Realtor


Why should Realtors use video?


Realtors are using videos on their websites and multiple social media sites.  This improves their chances of being on Google’s Page One.   The video is an added bonus for sellers when they are determining which realtor to hire.  Realtors are also placing the videos on MRIS site,, Zillow, YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.   There are over 500 sites these videos can be placed on as well as on their own blogs.  They can talk about market trends, the house for sale and/or agent video, which of course is promoting themselves.  Studies have shown by adding

a personal video to ones website, the  chances of a potential customer choosing one as their agent increases.


It is important for Real Estate agents to have a big online presence because 98% of consumers go to the Internet first when looking to gather information on a home for sale.  Another effective tool is when realtors send an email marketing video to potential clients.

Video length can run 60 seconds to 4 minutes

You are supplied with a link of the video to embed in your

website, Youtube, Facebook and other social media sites.

Videomagic produces your agent video at your office 
or model home, with professional lighting 
and microphone.

It can allow the realtor to show their personality, competency and individuality in a way that other media cannot.  Potential customers can get a FEEL of the home. Video does a great job in allowing the viewer to be THERE, with the Realtor.

Also, Realtors are getting the homeowner involved in making a short video describing the best features of their home and neighborhood.

These videos are used to make the home stand out on search engines. It can also help the homes sell faster, because it can bring more traffic for open houses and showings. It is believed by some agents that video can help sellers get a higher price for their home.