What We Do

VideoMagic is a video production company that captures an engaging story, creatively edits the video and search engine optimizes every video to get better results on the search engines. We specialize in video projects for small businesses, non-profits and produce social media Facebook ads. VideoMagic has produced videos for doctors, dentists, health wellness companies, fitness organizations, politicians, lawyers, beauty salons, the horse industry, restaurants, real estate, the building industry, and non-profits.

How do we get started?

Here is where we dream and scheme.
We determine a target audience and create a vision for a unique and compelling video.
How many of your potential customers search for your keywords? VideoMagic does the research to know what your target audience is searching for, we then add those keywords to your video’s name, tags, description, and transcript to boost your results. This, in turn, can help your business appear higher in search engine results pages. We create video content that revolves around those specific keywords that you know your audience is likely to be looking for.

Here is where we shoot and capture on location.
VideoMagic will come out to your business or another location to shoot video. We will capture and interview business owners, customers, get b-roll footage, testimonials, and any other raw footage needed to produce a compelling video.

Here is where we edit and refine to make it the best possible video.

VideoMagic editors prep the footage, color correct, pick out sound bites, edit the story, mix the audio, produce graphics, motion texts titles and make many other creative decisions to create your unique video.

Meet Your Videographer:

Kari Cannistraro of VideoMagic studied art in Rome, Italy and after getting her degree started off as the Art Director for an advertising agency which produced commercial ads. This career later evolved into working in the fine arts and media arts field. For many years Kari had a successful business as a professional muralist. Through her love of art and advertising, she progressed after years of intense study to express herself through video. She has flourished in combining her talents to help small businesses find their true vision. For more than ten years she has been working in the video business. From producing videos for a multitude of businesses, politicians, and non-profits, she transitioned into marketing website videos for businesses with a Virginia video company. Currently, she is also the official videographer for VivaTysons Magazine in Northern Virginia.

VideoMagic is a Northern Virginia video production company that captures engaging stories, creatively edits the video and search engine optimizes every video to get better results on the search engines.